Blue Iris and Reolink 4k camera issues

The saga with Reolink 4k cameras and Blue Iris continues I have two RLC-810A and two RLC- 820A cameras and they were installed yesterday. I am running Blue Iris on Windows 10 under proxmox on an i7 NUC allocating 8gb ram and 2 sockets, 2 cores. I have Open Media Vault on the same machine […]

Significant albums – part 1

I’ve decided this whole, “post an album cover with no comment” is a bit dull, so I’m going to break the rules and do what I want. I may also not do one every day or nominate someone every day. What a rebel eh? Billy idol isn’t one of them by the way. In 1978 […]

Playing about with panoramas

I have just got back from the stunning Stellenbosch near Cape Town, where I took lots of pictures, some of which are on my Flickr page.One of the photos was the biggest panorama I have ever taken. It was made of 10 D800 photos stitched together in Photoshop and it measures 27,246×5,874 which, for those […]